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The fog of peace

(La niebla de la paz)

Colombia  ·  2020  ·  87'

Directed by Joel Stangle 

Produced by Carolina Campos 

Your Return: Bem-vindo
Your Return: Galeria


The mountains of Colombia have been a silent witness through 50 years of war. In the rebel camps deep in the forest, Teo writes the harsh memories of his fellow guerrilleros. Meanwhile Boris, a cameraman for the FARC, films behind the scenes of the peace negotiations between FARC leaders and the Colombian government in Cuba. As they deal with the reality of inserting themselves back into civilian life, they join together in the search for a cache hidden in the mountain.

Your Return: Sobre
Your Return: Prêmios

Audience Award at Panorama du Cinéma Colombien Paris 2020


Cartagena International Film Festival


Biarritz Festival Latin America

Rome Independent Film Festival

During the four years that the dialogues lasted, Guevara's camera was one of the few authorized in spaces where the oldest guerrilla in Latin America (...) negotiated the end of a conflict that had left more than 200 thousand dead (...) in the oldest conflict in the western hemisphere.


—  El Espectador

Your Return: Depoimentos
Your Return: Portfólio em vídeo
This video has been deleted.
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