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(Los Bilbao)

Argentina  ·  2023 ·  74'

Directed by Pedro Speroni

Produced by Ignacio Sarchi for 188 and Pedro Speroni for El Ojo Silva

Your Return: Bem-vindo
Your Return: Galeria

Iván Bilbao, 33 years old, walks down the corridor of a maximum-security prison to finally arrive at the prison gate. On the other side, a shattered family waits for him, after five years of absence. Back in his hometown, a confused Iván wanders between his home, and the possibility of recovering a lost version of himself. His wife, Yamila, and his daughter, Luz, will put Iván to the test in his search for a better destiny, which is glimpsed by the arrival of a son.

Your Return: Sobre
Your Return: Prêmios


Best American Documentary at DocsMX


Best Film at Fecils FF

Special Jury Prize at Bafici


Visions du Reel


Guadalajara IFF

Festival des 3 Continents

Your Return: Depoimentos
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