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Brazil  ·  2021  ·  75'
Directed by Marcos Pimentel

Produced by Luana Melgaço for Tempero Filmes

Your Return: Bem-vindo
Your Return: Galeria

Documentary about the interaction between the Brazilian city's inhabitants and what is expressed in its walls. Graffiti, indecipherable symbols, slogans, political thoughts, hieroglyphs, declarations of love... Fragments of memory and silent screams that reveal the desires, fears, fantasies and daydreams of those who inhabit urban centers. The letters and drawings interacting with the different bodies that move through the public space. The urgent narratives of the streets that express the subjectivities of the most varied visual discourses that “dress” the Brazilian cities.

Your Return: Sobre
Your Return: Prêmios


Special Mention at IDFA 2021 – Envision Competition 


Grand Prix of the Critics Jury at Message to Man FF


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Your Return: Depoimentos
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