(Sete anos em maio)

Brazil ·  2019  ·  42’ ·  Portuguese
Directed by Affonso Uchôa

Produced by Camila Braga for Vasto Mundo




In a night in May, seven years ago, Rafael was arriving home from work. When he was opening the gate, someone called his name. He looked back and saw people he didn’t know. Rafael left his house carried by the unknown people and never came back. Since then he lives as if that night has never ended.



·       Visions du Réel - Prix du Jury Société des Hôteliers de La Côte - Most innovative medium or feature film in Burning Lights International Competition

·       Indie Lisboa - Silvestre Award for Best Short Film & Amnesty International Award

·       Film Madrid – Best film

·       Olhar de Cinema Curitiba FF - Jury Honorable Mention

·       Black Canvas Festival de Cine Contemporáneo México - Best Director by the Official Jury & Best Film by the Young Jury

·       Janela Internacional de Recife - Best Short Film Competition by the Official Jury & Critic's Jury Award & Honorable Mention by the ABD/APECI Jury & Honorable Mention from the Critical Window Jury

·       Festival do Rio - Brasil - Best Film Award in the "New Directions" Section

·       Antofacine Chile - Best Film in the New Languages Section

·       Márgenes Madrid – Best Film

·       Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse - SIGNIS Award of the Cinélatino Documentary Competition


Toronto International Film Festival

Dokufest Kosovo

FIC Valdívia Chile

Viennale Austria

MIDBO - Mostra Internacional Documental de Bogotá

RIDM Canada

Mar del Plata IFF

Cámara Lúcida Encuentros Cinematográficos Equador

FrontDOC Italy

Lincoln Center NY

Transcinema Peru


Göteborg FF

Frames of Representation London

Jeonju IFF

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival