Pedro Osmar, to the freedom that one conquers

(Pedro Osmar, prá liberdade que se conquista)

Brazil  ·  2016  ·  76'
Directed by Eduardo Consonni and Rodrigo T. Marques

Produced by Eduardo Consonni and Rodrigo T. Marques for Complô



A poetical-policital-musical documentary manifesto about one of the most brilliant Brazilian artists, Pedro Osmar, fighting for freedom to be that one conquers.



- In-Edit Brasil

- Brazilia Film Festival


- Fest Aruanda

- BIS – Bienal Internacional do Cinema Sonoro Canavial Festival

The film's greatest asset is its editing. The sounds dissociated from the referential generate new interpretations of Pedro Osmar's songs and provoke frictions essential to the practice of documentary.

- Adoro Cinema

Pedro Osmar
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