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Arid Zone: Bem-vindo
Arid Zone: Galeria

Directed by Ernesto Aguilar and Marcela Suppicich

produced by Ernesto Aguilar for MarGenCine Producciones

Argentina ·  2019 ·  73’


At the end of the 1970s, at the height of the Argentine civic-military dictatorship, a group of more than 60 Argentines, who were in exile in different European countries, once again left their place of residence to leave with their families to settle in Mozambique, a recently independent former Portuguese colony mired in a terrible civil war. Their objective: to work as cooperators in the construction of the Socialist State promoted by the African leader Samora Machel against the interference of the then racist South African government.

Arid Zone: Sobre

One of those few documentaries that put the viewer in front of a completely unknown reality.”


– Página 12

Arid Zone: Portfólio em vídeo
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