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(A Transformação De Canuto)

Brazil  ·  2023  ·  131'
Directed by Ariel Kuaray Ortega and Ernesto de Carvalho

Produced by Leonardo Mecchi, Marcelo Pedroso and Vincent Carelli for Enquadramento Produções and Vídeo nas Aldeias

Your Return: Bem-vindo
Your Return: Galeria

In a small Mbya-Guarani community between Brazil and Argentina, everyone knows the name Canuto: a man who many years ago suffered the dreaded transformation into a Jaguar, and then died tragically. Now, a film is being made to tell his story. Why did this happen to him? But more importantly: who in the village should play his role?

Your Return: Sobre
Your Return: Prêmios


Best Film and Outstanding Artistic Contribution Awards at IDFA Envision



Your Return: Depoimentos
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