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Arid Zone

(Zona Árida)

Brazil  ·  2019  ·  76'
Directed by Fernanda Pessoa

Produced by

Antonio Junior for Grafo Audiovisual

Fernanda Pessoa for Pessoa Produções

Arid Zone: Bem-vindo
Arid Zone: Galeria


How is it to be a foreigner in United States’ most conservative city? In 2001, Brazilian director Fernanda Pessoa was 15 years old and experienced being a foreign exchange student for one year in Mesa, Arizona, considered USA’s most conservative city. 15 years later – and two months before Donald Trump’s election – she’s back to try to understand her experience there and the conservative ideas regarding topics like the Mexican border, the cowboy lifestyle, religiosity and patriotism.

Arid Zone: Sobre
Arid Zone: Prêmios


Honorable Mention @ Dok Leipzig


  • Dok Leipzig (Next Masters Competition)

  • DocsBarcelona

With her disarming way of questioning, she discovers the definition of conservatism as understood by her friendly middle-class guardians. She very skillfully unwinds the impact of Americana and subtly leads the audience into understanding the colonialism that affects us all."

—  DokLeipzig Jury

Arid Zone: Portfólio em vídeo
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